College Application Procedures

1. Plan

Do your research! Once you have created a list of schools you are planning to apply to, you should review each school's admissions requirements, application procedures and most importantly, deadlines!

2. Complete the online application

Go directly to each school's website to begin the online applications. Once you have registered, you may begin work on the application and save it to return to at a later date. Be sure to fill in all required information accurately. Essays may be completed in a word processing document before copying them to application. Your application is not complete until you hit "Submit" at the end. You should receive confirmation once you have submitted your application.

Common Application
The Common Application is a way to apply to multiple member schools with one application. See for more information.

3. Request an official transcript

Most schools require an official transcript. In order to have an official transcript sent, you must:
  • Fill out a Transcript Request Form and return it to your counselor or Ms. Lenz.
  • If a counselor form is required, print it out, complete the student portion, and turn it in with your Transcript Request Form.
  • If you are under 18, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Submit the online portion of your application before requesting a trancript. This way, when the college or university receives your trancript, they will have an application to match it to.
  • Allow 10 working days for processing. Any requests submitted with less than 10 days for processing will be charged a rush fee. No transcripts can be sent with less than 24 hours notice.

Download the Transcript Request Form on the right side of the screen.

4. Have official test scores sent

All test scores required by your college or university must be requested and reported directly from the testing institutions (ACT or SAT). Test scores DO NOT appear on your transcript.
  • Requesting score reports to colleges can be done when registering for each test and is generally free at this time.
  • You may also request scores after taking the ACT or SAT; however, there is a fee.
  • Test scores can be requested online at (ACT) or (SAT).

5. Request recommendation letters (if required)

Some colleges and universities require recommendation letters. If you require recommendation letter(s), follow these procedures:
  • Give the teacher and/or your counselor forms well in advance (at least two weeks).
  • Provide them with an addressed, stamped envelope if they need to mail the recommendation letter. If it will be submitted online, provide clear instructions for how to submit it online.
  • Tell them the application/scholarship deadline.
  • Provide them with a data sheet about yourself (see Senior Information Sheet download on the right).


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